Friday, August 20, 2010

Back on the wagon

I've fallen off the scrapbooking bandwagon in the last year. These are my two newest layouts created last week. Props to my bestie who gifted me with the cool Love, Elsie scrapbook supplies...loves!

4 Simple Goals

Elsie has a challenge up over a her blog to come up with 4 Simple Goals to accomplish before the end of this year. I thought this would be just the boost I needed to get back into blogging and work on some personal goals. are mine:
1. Scrapbook every week.
2. Try at least one new recipe per month.
3. Save up for a HOLGA!!!! (preferably for 35mm film w/ the colored filters and filter holder...sigh...can't wait for this one to become a reality.
4. Blog more often and better...for instance, I don't know how to add Elsie's banner she made for people to use who are participating in her challenge. (sad, I know)