Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Tassel Necklace

Inspiration piece from Old Navy. I really liked the look of the tassels on bracelets and necklaces this spring/summer, so I thought I'd make some.
Gather supplies:  Scissors, embroidery floss, small cardboard rectangle, necklace (leather cord or chain), clasp (mine came already attached),assorted beads, charms, etc. Mine all came from broken jewelry., headpins, jump rings, & jewelry pliers.
Step #1 Wrap floss around cardboard. Mine is wrapped 15 times.
Step #2 Gently scoot floss off cardboard and tightly tie in center w/ 2 in. piece of floss.
Step #3 Trim loop at both ends.
Step #4 Add a jump ring.
Step #5 Fold in half. Cut a piece of floss 8-10 in. long. Tie tightly around tassel just below jump ring and knot.
Step #6 Trim bottom fringe.
TA DA!!! Your tassel is ready to add to any jewelry piece: necklace, earrings, or bracelet. I added recycled beads and charms using head pins and jump rings.
Thread beads onto head pin.
Bend head pin above top bead at a 90 degree angle and twist to create a loop. Attach a jump ring.
Finished products!!Have fun recreating with old or broken jewelry. Keep adding elements until you like the composition.
NOTE:  I did not go out to purchase any supplies for this project. Everything was purchased earlier on clearance or recycled.

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