Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DIY Wednesday

Photo Journal Prompts (image:
Divide these prompts up in any way. Take one per day, week, etc. Be creative about how you look at your environment. Try to see things in a different way.
1. Texture. Take photos of different textures in nature, in your home, office, etc.
2. Reflections. Reflections in mirrors, bodies of water, windows, sunglasses, rear-view mirrors, etc.
3. Peeling paint on different surfaces (brick, wood, metal, etc.)
4. Rust
5. Paint or wallpaper coming through another layer of wall covering.
6. A mess that you come up on...not one you create (ex. Spilled catsup on the floor at McDonald's.)
7. Monochromatic color schemes.
8. Early morning light
9. Spider webs
10. Twilight/ sunset (Look at the color of light and how the angles of light change.)
That is enough to get you started for now. Keep your pics in an acid free journal preferrably using photo corners (so you can take the pics out later). I recommend keeping notes on when and where the photo was taken as well as any specific settings you used on your camera. I would also print the prompt related to the photo at the top of the page.
If you know me personally, I'd love to see your photo journals. The monsters and I will be starting ours this next week. Have fun!

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